8 valve V 16 valve ooil surge problem
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    Default 8 valve V 16 valve ooil surge problem

    Why is it that there appears to be no oil surge, when cornering, problems with the standard 8 valve Pug/Cit 1905 cc engine, but problems with the 16 valve version of the same basic engine? OK, the head is the main difference, so is it to do with that? I have no oil pressure problem with my BX19TRI, but pressure drops when driving the same corner, same speed in my BX16v . Not the rebuilt engine for the 16v; not fitted that one yet.


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    Mostly because more oil is retained in the 16V head. The more you can keep what oil is the sump near the pickup, the better off you'll be. This topic has been discussed intensely on the 205 Forum over the years. Here's a more recent thread.

    Xu9J4 Oil Starvation Prevention (Never Heard That Before?!) - XU 16v Engine Maintenance and Performance Upgrades - 205GTIDrivers.com

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