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    Default Renault Scenic RX4 Gearbox

    Hi All,

    A friend has been told that his 5th gear bearings have failed on his Renault Scenic RX4. He also has been told (not by the gbox mechanic) that they can be replaced with the box still attached to the car - which I was very suprised to hear. Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not please?


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    I think it maybe possible.
    The 5th gear arrangement can be accessed via an inspection plate.
    Best idea is to call Renault and confirm with them. You won't be locked into using them for any work done, but would be a way to find out for sure.
    I've seen one of these boxes out of a car in pieces but I can't 100% say it is possible to replace the bearings with the box in situe.
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