Advice needed about upholstering
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    Default Advice needed about upholstering

    I'm recovering my 406 doors. The plastic is fine but the fabric had given way. Underneath it was a thin layer of very sticky stuff which had presumably once been slight padding.
    I just recovered one door card using spray contact adhesive and stretch fabric, but it looks a bit lumpy in places. The shaped door card is not moulded perfectly. I really need an intermediary layer of something but can't think of anything stretchy.....apart from another layer of lycra. And I don't want to use this TWICE as it is a real bugger to smooth out.
    I could use an ultra-thin layer of foam and cut it into various shapes which conform to the curves and then match up the seams perfectly.
    But is there some kind of spray-on product which will do the same ? Or would it go on too unevenly ?
    Or something else ? All ideas entertained !


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    You need to use foam (3mm) to stop the vinyl sticking to the door card. If the vinyl stick to the front you can't tensionthe vinyl to remove wrinkles. Note the upholstery foam will have a "slip side" and denser "glue" side.

    Stick the 3mm foam to the face of door card.

    Then get the vinyl cover and place over the foam and use bulldog clips to hold, progressively moving around few times to get the vinyl wrinkle free. A hair dryer helps. Office works sell 100 bulldog clips in a canister for a few dollars.

    Lastly remove a few clips at a time and glue vinyl fold-over on the back of the door card.

    3M contact adhesive in the can is helpful. Apply the glue last otherwise you can end up in sh!tty mess. Have some turps for clean up on hand.

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    I cant quite imagine what you need, but my mate does upholstery in his shed and he often uses polyester wadding as a buffer to hide all the sins.
    You can even use polyester insulation bats. Just pull of the right thickness and glue it on. Remember when gluing, less is more.


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