Replacing seats with airbags in them?
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    Default Replacing seats with airbags in them?

    As the title suggests, the original half-leather seats from my 206 GTi are starting to wear out (the velour is gettings holes in it and the leather around the airbags is separating). The original seats don't really support my shoulders much on cornering though, so I'm thinking of changing to different seats rather than replacing with original ones.

    Now I could easily go to Supercheap Auto or Autobarn and pick up some nice bucket seats with big solid bolsters on them, but the original seats have airbags in them. I'd definately be interested in changing to the GTi 180's original Recaro seats with airbags, but everybody wants them, so they're extremely hard to find.

    I'm happy with "rice" seats, since my car is one of the worst examples of a 206 GTi you've ever seen, and other things going wrong with the car have necessitated low cost (visual) repairs with parts that aren't quite right. For example, the roof paint was fading and just started flaking, so it has been vinyl-covered, as that $15 fix was all I could afford, and was better than nothing. So in short, there's no integrity to be lost in putting some other seats in.


    So does anyone know weather it's legal to change to plain old aftermarket seats without airbags? Has anybody reupholstered seats themselves or had it done professionally? How much did it cost, or how well did a home job turn out? Do you think it's feasable to add more side bolster foam while I'm at it? Would there be some alternative type of seat belt I could use to help hold me in sideways if I replace the seats with original GTi 138 ones?
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    Short answer, no. You cannot remove ANY SRS airbag from a vehicle equipped. Basically by removing them you are no longer compliant with the ADRs, which means the vehicle is no longer permitted to be used on the road.

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