505 Bendix Brake pad replacement
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    Default 505 Bendix Brake pad replacement

    Hi guys,

    I'm refitting a set of pads in 505 calipers fitted to my 404 Wagon (long story) and I'm not quite sure which end of the brake pad the retaining clip is supposed to be at. I am talking about the sliding steel retainer that fills the gap between the pad and the caliper and is supposed to stop the pad falling out. Anyone know offhand? Should it be on the top or the bottom?

    OK, the reason I need to know is because last week one of these parted company with the car and the pads tried to exit the caliper. Thankfully they only got as far as the wheel and were held in place enough to prevent total brake failure. The little clips that hold these guys in seem woefully inadequate for the task, but maybe I just fitted them wrong in the first place, hence the question....




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    Hi Hoges

    The retaining clips go on the inside and although quite small, they work fine, never had a problem in a number of 505's driven over hundreds of thousands kilometers.


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