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    Hey all,

    So I have an 8v with a vipec ECU with the motronic 60-2 flywheel trigger. At the moment it has an s3 head running around 10.6:1 compression and a large-ish street cam. It's good but to be honest I want more power. The power comes on very late in the RPM and it's labourious to drive so doesn't feel as fast as what it probably is.


    I also have a nice standard s1 cylinder head which will drop the compression down to standard DFZ: 8.8 or thereabouts.

    I also have a rebuilt Galant 13g turbo, and an intercooler.

    I think I'm going to turbo my 8v. Is anyone around these forums that runs an 8v turbo that can give some pointers? Specifically, location of intercooler and pipework? What camshaft? Does the standard composite head gasket work? What boost levels are you running?


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    This might be one for www.205gtidrivers.com. Not really a useful response I know... But someone seems to be building a new 8v turbo every week over there
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