I'm just putting the struts back together on my 205 after having refurbed the top bearings and fitted group N strut top rubbers. The catch is that I do not have a torque wrench that will tighten the top nut whilst holding the shock piston with the 7mm allen key so I'm doing it up with a ring spanner.

So question is, do I tighten the nut up tight so that it compresses the new strut top rubber completely (ie the lower cone is pulled up tight against the strut top mount), OR, do I tighten it just enough to begin to compress the new strut top rubber, but not so tight to bring the lower cone and strut mount into contact?

I want to tighten it up so the cone and mount are tight but I'm thinking that this will mean that the strut is 'solid' and the rubber strut top will become redundant...