Renault: 8 Port Cylinder head Small CRACK !!
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    Default Renault: 8 Port Cylinder head Small CRACK !!

    Fellow enthusiastic Froggers

    Is there anybody out there that can speak from experience on this issue.


    I am cleaning up a cylinder head to go into my engine re-build and have discovered a small crack between the inlet and exhaust valve seats.

    The good thing is the crack is in the thickest part of the web so I sought council with a motor engine reconditioning place and they believe that it is fairly common and in this particular place will not effect or go any further.

    I'm hoping that somebody out there might have had similar experience and have gone ahead with the head reconditioning and can say from experience that it hasn't effected the performance.

    Check out the Attached photo and let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks guys Attachment 36808


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    I'd be repairing it personally. While I haven't any experience with these specific heads, I've seen problems with for example Hillmans where the crack has grown when the owner didn't want to do the initial repair, leading to loss of compression as the crack goes under the valve seat insert.

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    Tiny cracks were very common. Never leads to any problems at all. The 203 to 505 Pugs had a habit of cracking from seat into spark plug thread. So that went on through the models for 40 years. Some heads never did it, most did. As soon as it heats up it closes any way. Rock on with it!

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