2.0 HDi tuning, anyone?
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    Default 2.0 HDi tuning, anyone?

    Any one had experience with those tuning box things on late model HDis? Car is a 2012 Picasso HDi150 EGS, would like abit more oomph, I mean economy. How about EGR blockoffs? Although I might give that one a miss after trying to find the EGR on mine.


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    Default 2.0 HDi tuning, anyone?

    EGR is electronic. Blocking it off does improve economy and power for about 100km, until the ECU figures out something is wrong. It then disables the EGR function and put engine into a downgraded mode. Disconnecting the EGR valve electrical connector will have the same outcome.

    One has to remember that these are euro 4 compliant and sometimes euro 5 compliant - so they are pretty advanced management systems. If the engine management determines something isn't right, it will put it into a downgraded mode. No engine lights come on but faults can be logged in engine ECU and BSI.
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