406 paintwork....some years better than others ?
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    Default 406 paintwork....some years better than others ?

    I'm polishing a 406 at the moment, and the paint seems to be acrylic. At least it has oxidized the way acrylic does. Did they ever come out in 2-pack ? And in terms of paintwork, were some years better than others ?

    While I'm asking, if I buy a 4 cylinder 406, were there any years/models to avoid ? And any issues I should be careful of when buying a manual ? I'm familiar with the fact that there are problems with the auto box.


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    All are factory painted in 2K. In the nineties there were issues with durability of low-VOC paints, as it was a comparatively new arena. I think in efforts to meet VOC standards the non-low VOC producers possibly laid on less clear and colour!

    Waterborne basecoats were problematic at times, too.

    There is huge variance in the quality of 2K urethanes; Volvo have some beautiful thick finishes with good gloss and excellent ductility where (say) Heuliez laid on thin paints with a Moh's rating of 10.5 or so. Not everyone was eyeing the long term.

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    Kirsty claims the paint on her 2007 Megane (sedan, Turkey assembly) is soft and easily marked... I always figured 2paks stuff was pretty consistently hard these days, but...

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    We own two 406's, a 1997 D8 manual painted in silver. The paintwork of this car is in showroom condition and seems to be quite hard and scratch resistant. The other car is a 1999 D9 manual painted in Sherwood Green (metallic also). The condition of the D9 paintwork is nowhere as good as the older D8. The gloss level is much lower and far more susceptible to fine scratches eg. around door handles.

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