Rally New Zealand has 2012 WRC date confirmed by FIA

The dates – Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 June – place Rally New Zealand as a mid-season event in 13-round 2012 World Rally Championship. Also the Possum Bourne Memorial Rally also runs on the Saturday, meaning you get to see a lot of cars ranging from group A evo's to AE86's, escorts, etc.. and there was a 205 last time also...


If anyone wants to tag along with us your more than welcome to.

Last year i took my sisters horse truck and became the support vehicle (4 burner bbq, 2 coolers, water tanks, chainsaw, 4 birth sleeper, etc) for our group of campers...

(ex logging loading area - 100m from road/rally track)

There was a bunch of this:

A lot of this:

So if anyone wants to come and hang out, camp out at the stages, and watch live international motorsport away from safety fences, marshals, etc... We can arrange accommodation and transport from / to the airport for those wanting to come.

I typically will go drive every stage before the event to find the best spots for viewing - then knock on the farmers door offer them beer to stay in their paddocks / sheds.