Combined French Car Clubs Drive Day info (WA)
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    Default Combined French Car Clubs Drive Day info (WA)

    Hi all, bit of an update. 20 cars plus confirmed so looks like it'll be a good one!

    Subject: Combined Clubs Drive Day Information ***Updated with new lunch destination***

    Combined Club French Drive Day May 1st Sunday, all French cars WELCOME regardless of club membership or no membership at all


    "As mentioned previously we are meeting at Typika Cafe in Claremont at 8am for an approx 8:45am departure to arrive at Museum at approx 9:30. Of course there is nothing stopping you from arriving at Typika earlier. All info on Typika can be found here: Espresso Bar & Café - Typika Artisan Roasters


    The Drive Day will be split into 3 sections.

    Part 1. Typika Cafe to Bullcreek Aviation Museum (approx 30-40min drive via Freo Cappuccino strip)
    Route here:

    Part 2. Bullcreeek Aviation Museum to Canning Reservoir (stop for pic & quick chat/stretch legs, approx 15-20mins)
    Route here:

    Timings will vary here but we will allow approx 90minutes at the Museum but of course people can stay a bit longer if they desire. Departure time approx 11am. Drive to Canning Reservoir approx 45-50 minutes.

    Museum Info here: Aviation Heritage Museum

    PLEASE NOTE FAFAC Club members will have their tickets purchased for them.

    Part 3. Canning Reservoir to Inn Mahogany Creek

    Route here:

    Inn Mahogany Creek is an exceptional Pub/Restaurant and offers a great ambience for us to catch up over lunch. Food is exceptional and the prices are reasonable. More info here; Inn Mahogany Creek Drive from Canning to Mahogany approx 50minutes.

    Approx arrival time to Inn Mahogany Creek will be 12:45-1pm.

    As mentioned previously can you please RSVP to myself via PM.

    So far we have around 20 cars confirmed so it promises to be a great day!"
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