I'm not involved personally in this other than wanting to become a member so no hassles !!
As received yesterday

Dear French Car Fan,
Welcome to the French and Fantastic Automobile Club!

That's right, the new club is now incorporated and ready to bring together new friends and fans of all things to do with French cars in WA!
To those that have filled out the "Intention to become a member form", we thank you for your patience.
This club is about YOU!

We have had heaps of great ideas over the last few months from many of you so now it is time to all get together and develop the club the way YOU want it.

Details of the inaugural meeting time and location are:

Date: Monday February 18th.
Location: Herdsman Lake Tavern, 33 Herdsman Parade, Wembley
Time: Arrive from 5pm. Meeting 6:30pm till 9:30/10pm.
Map and website available here; http://www.herdsmantavern.com.au/

(The current menu is attached in case you want to dine before the meeting)

This is your opportunity to come along, join this fantastic new club and get involved. Membership forms are attached and will be processed on the night. Please bring cash or a cheque payable to 'French and Fantastic Automobile Club Incorporated'.

Bank account and PO Box facilities will be up and running by the second meeting in March. As you can appreciate, it will take a couple of months before we are operating at 100% efficiency.

At our first meeting we will vote in an Executive committee & Committee members ;
Discuss where we all want the club to go in the future;
Future club events, both static and drive days;
Record ideas and suggestions for the new club, website, magazine, meeting venue, times & dates, motorsport opportunities and much more.

The first meeting will be quite long to fit all this in. Starting time is 6:30pm and we will aim to finish by 10pm at the latest. All future meetings are bound to be shorter and times will be agreed at this meeting.

As everyone is joining for the first time, Reps will be there from 5:00pm for those that want to have a chinwag & a meal before the official meeting start time.

With close to 60 people stating their desire to join it is bound to be a great night and the first of many great times spent with new friends.

If you want to join but can't make it on the night, please reply to this email and we will ensure you are kept on the mailing list to ensure you receive information on how to join up online.

Thanks again for your interest,
WELCOME! Lets make this the best car club, focused on fun times, friendship, great events and French cars!"

Justin Walker


OK folks lets support our Marques !
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