Perth, anything planned ??
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    Default Perth, anything planned ??

    Is there anything planned for the next couple of months here in the West ?
    I know " French and Fantastic" is starting up, but while the weather is nice a run would be good.
    I'm offshore for a few weeks but from 14th Jan onwards will be available to give the NEW Dimma a thrash around the WA countryside.
    Anyone interested?
    I did a good run with my Renault RS mates from Perth through Toodyay and New Norcia back in September, with lunch at the pub in New Norcia.
    Twas a good day and a good run.
    I wouldn't mind replicating it in the Dimma with some of you guys?
    Any one interested?
    I am also planning on taking the Two Dimmas and the Ford Cossie to the Whiteman Park Classic Car Day so I hope there will be a better turn out of French motors than last year.
    C'mon WA lets do something !!

    1986 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth ( La Whore )
    Daily drive Widebody BMW 530d.

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    Only thing I have planned is a dexter style carport spray booth and some paint, should be finished by the car day or next run, but will not be able to keep up with your dimma ill meet you where ever you go a day later, haha it's the thought that counts yeah??

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    Keen! Neither car is currently up for a big spin though! I'm hoping to have both back up to standard with the next month... but you know what best intentions are like!

    The S16 might keep up, but my 504 will be chilling in the back with leftcoast!

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