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    Me and Harry went to Te Aroha this weekend to have a look at an annual motor show they have. It was a good outing for the Renaults clocking up 203 miles there and back and not missing a beat.

    Most interesting vehicle was the Darracq. This vehicle has been restored and it is one that has taken part in the Grand Prix of 1906. The driver, Anne Thompson, is a classy lady that can put the Darracq side ways on a race track. Asked how fast it was she replied that recently in England she passed an Austin Healey that was clocked at a 105 mph. It has a 14.25 liter 4 cylinder engine with twin spark. What is new today? Mechanical brakes on the rear wheels only.


    A few pictures.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Motor Show-2012-10-06-11.40.19.jpg   Motor Show-2012-10-06-12.24.18.jpg   Motor Show-2012-10-06-12.40.50.jpg   Motor Show-2012-10-06-12.46.13.jpg   Motor Show-2012-10-06-12.58.36.jpg   Motor Show-2012-10-06-12.59.11.jpg  

    Motor Show-2012-10-06-13.00.29.jpg   Motor Show-2012-10-06-13.00.57.jpg   Motor Show-2012-10-06-13.01.09.jpg   Motor Show-2012-10-06-13.01.26.jpg   Motor Show-2012-10-06-13.03.41.jpg  
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    Yes I've seen this French antique (and driver) in action at the "Skope" Classic car race meeting in Christchurch. She doesn't hold back!

    Cheers, Henry.

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