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    Default Fuego tyres

    I know this thread has been done many times, and would like to see what has been done to other Fuegos.

    Fuego originally had 200/65/HR340 metric tyres.
    This equates to 600mm overall diameter.
    Load rating of 1236 lb/561 kg.

    My calcs for a tyre to suit a R25 alloy to be fitted to the Fuego is 195/55/15.

    However, one needs to get aload rating of at least 88 - 560 kg (preferably 89 - 580 kg).

    One tyre I am looking at are the yoki C-drive. It has a load rating of 89. I had its predecessor the A539. It was ok on the commodore but WAY too soft. I had yoki A510's on the 25 excellent grip/wear compromise.
    Any body had previous experiences with the tyres (good/bad)?
    Any other tyres to look at?

    What have the tyre fitters said about the load rating requirements?


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    I have just finished with my c-drives on the front.The things are worn out on the outer edges,and still have heaps of meat elsewhere.This is probably an indication of my alighnment,as much as my driving style,but apart from them not lasting, they were a good tyre.they were 10/10 in the wet and a really dumb cyclist might owe his life to this fact.They are quiet,and comfortable and I would highly recomend them for daily driving.When pushing real hard in the dry, they dont give me the confidence that the old yoko 008's gave me.
    As a point of reference,I have some very used dulop 901's on the back that just refuse to wear down.these are my constant.I could not get them to loose it in any conditions,but with the 008's you felt the rear struggling in the dry, but of course that was completely reversed in the wet.
    Re load rating.I'm amazed at how many cars are traveling around with the wrong loading.Its a joke.I'm sure the joke wont be funny if you screw up and have an investigation that points to the tyres as the cause, but just take a look at what tyres people are running.Obviously some tyre places are not taking any notice of the loading.When my last car was assesed after an accident, the first thing the guy did was look at the placard,look at the tyres, and frown with a nodding head.Luckilly I had the option of putting the trx's back on,so It didn't affect the claim.(Of course I was driving on the TRX's the day of the accident)

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