Hey what do people think V8 F1, as a result of the new F1 rules, I wonder if any new sporting renault or larger model will get a V8 now as well, due to motorsports direct flow on effect to production cars ;-), leave off where Gordini never got to in the 70's/80's with his V8 ah sorry V6...

Renault confident of retaining the titles
Posted: 20 hours ago

Renault are confident they can cling on to top spot in Formula One despite rule changes for next season. A switch to smaller engines was announced last year but the re-introduction of tyre changes marked a last-minute change of heart from world governing body the FIA. Those fundamental changes have the potential to shake up the order next season but Renault, who won both world championships this year, believe they can again set the standard.

Engineering director Pat Symonds said: "What we have to concentrate on now is how best to respond."

"We had major changes to the technical and sporting regulations for 2005, and I think we proved that we adapt very well - the car was competitive from the first race."

"It goes without saying that when you are winning, you don't want to change anything."

"But I think our team - and our partners - thrive on the challenge that change presents, and we will tackle the 2006 season with the same determination as we did in 2005."

Technical director Bob Bell has put his faith in an extensive testing programme to iron out any teething troubles with the new car.

He said: "We are not at all complacent about the work involved in making the new package reliable for the opening races."

"Our new car will run early in 2006, and we will get two chassis running as quickly as possible to maximise our track testing time."

"We believe this is the most effective and balanced use of our resources, taking into account the fact we had to develop the car until the end of 2005 in order to secure the championships and that our engine will change for 2006."

"Our priority is to produce a competitive package with which to defend our titles next year."