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    I am helping a friend to restore a Dauphine Gordini (we're in the middle of spraying it at the moment), but we don't know the age of the car.

    Is there anywhere where you can find out from the chassis number, when the car was made ?

    Mike Brown


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    Renault numbers usually run off the oval plate number with the chassis (diamond plate) number as a backup.

    There are two main types of Dauphine G's originally sold in AUS. The early model introduced in Feb 1960 was fully imported R1091 ovalplate 1-26436. These are quite rare having an alloy rocker cover and different head from the later DG's. The later cars with vented wheels were locally assembled from early 1961. Given the fact that the cars were locally assembled it is difficult to pinpoint the exact date of construction given the time lag between CKD transit, assembly in AUS and sales. For instance the last R4's sold in Australia were French 1964 MY, there were assembled and introduced in Australia in 1966 and sold through until 1967. You can pick a local assembly car and a full import in that the full import, if it has the original paint, will have a stencilled paint code in in the boot on the bulkhead or inner wing.

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