Differences b/n MK1 & MK2 RSC
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    Default Differences b/n MK1 & MK2 RSC

    I'm looking at getting a clio sport in the not to distant future and am really leaning towards the MK1, basically for the way it looks. I think it has a better face and nicer alloys, it's also alot rarer, which appeals to me. The MK1 i've read (EVO) is a little more aggressive in it's setup than the MK2

    Are there any suspension differences, hasn't the MK1 got rear trailing arms where the MK2 doesn't? I know about the interior and headlights etc, but any other differences?

    Would there be any parts issues in the future with that in mind?

    My other concern would be finding another owner in 3-4 years when the MK3 is around and the MK1 sport cup is two generations old competing with all the current RSC's.


    Any advice/help appreciated

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    Suspension is the same on the Mk1 and Mk2 Clio 2's sold in AUS. The older first series Clio 1 not sold in AUS had the different rear suspension.

    The early cars, part from the different styling and a different firewall are basically the same. The changes to the firewall were supposed to improve the driving position. The early car also has an alloy bonnet and slightly lower gearing than the Mk 2 as well as manual air conditioning rather than climate control. Also the early car has the 15" OZ rims as standard rather than the 15" rims of the later car.

    The trim on the early cars is marginally different with a coloured RenaultSport logo on the seats rather than the single colour of the later model, and a weird suede type steering wheel covering.

    The Clio 2 Mk1 in the Evo magazine could have been a Renault Clio Cup, which is different to the Renault Clio Cup Limited Edition (effectively the Australian Mk 1 ). The UK spec Cup had different suspension, thinner glass, no A/C, no ABS, no Xenon lights.

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    Hey S16. If you do a search on the Renault forum, you may find that this subject has been covered previously. Also try www.ozrenaultsport.com
    It has definitely been discussed there. I have one of the MkI Cup cars - and much prefer it to the newer shape - styling, exclusivity and less problems relative to the later cars. I recall reading a local roadtest on the newer car that claimed that the MkI that they had tested was more taily than the MkII, although they didn't give a reason why. I know that MkII wheels don't fit the MkI - they hit the inner guards on the rear - so the offset/rear track maybe has a small impact on movement of the rear end. Prices on older MkII's are actually becoming similar to MkI's - due to supply/demand. IMO the MkI will be relatively more "desirable" over the next few years. Good luck with the search!

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