R 1135 & 5 Turbo Auction price?
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    Default R 1135 & 5 Turbo Auction price?

    Any ballpark guesstimates as to reasonable price for R1135 dismantled rally car and 5 Turbo rally car (1980/81) to be auctioned tomorrow (wed)?


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    I just don't want to know the price of the 8G, particularly as I would love to be there to have a stab. Either ridiculously cheap, or insanely expensive is my price range.

    The auctioneer wasn’t particularly helpful when it came to giving a description, understandably so given that some people will likely litigate if the description doesn’t match their expectations.

    The 8G sounds like it has been straightened and is in primer fitted with a roll cage following it being “extensively damaged”, but the gearbox is in pieces in a box (no idea if 8G 353 box), there is no glass and there is no idea if the engine is an 8G or a 5A engine. No details were available of the engine or chassis numbers. Bits of the drivetrain are there as well as wheels, but there is no inventory of what is there or in what condition or if all the parts will make a complete car. He had been told that some parts had been scavenged from the 8G to be used on the 5 Turbo, he didn’t have any idea of what parts apart from “some instruments and lines”.

    As usual being an auction, the final price will be what the highest bidder is prepared to pay, whether that is indicative of a market value is another thing :-)

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