I have two Renault Dauphine Gordini's in need of restoration and not drivable in Tasmania.

The cost of transport to Perth even for one is more than they are worth and beyong the depth of my shallow pockets!

Does anyone know of any cheap options?

I rescued these from a padddock in Tassie that has 12 Dauphines in it!


I also stripped some parts from the others which have now been trashed by vandals.

I have a Dauphine in Perth that was used in the ABC mini series The Shark Net last year and has travelled 34,000 miles from new.

Or if anyone has a safe storage place in Tassie I need to shift these cars soon as they have outstayed their welcolm where they are. Vehicles are Hobart and Richmond Area.

I really want to ensure these rare vehicles are saved and not scrapped.

Can anyone in Tassie assist?