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    I have two things to say one good one bad, firstly the good news is I purchased a set of 15' roh 5 spoke wheels with brand new 205 50 a539s for only $390 all up off a guy in ringwood, the bad news is that one front wheels rubs slightly on the brake caliper so the car goes nowhere. The offset is 38 on the wheels and my r19 is 36, I was told by bob jane this would not be a problem, I was wondering if griding a small amount off the calipers edge would be possible or if it would be safer to do the wheels. regards, Dave. Oh I also have an earthing problem as my battery goes flat when left for a few days, how do I find where it is coming from.

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    I would just make a 4mm spacer for each of the front wheels, and if you were really concerned these could also be attached to the wheels with countersunk screws. I would not grind either wheel, or caliper.
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