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    Icon5 Fuego Question

    I have heard thast the GTX 2.0ltr is a hemi... is this right?

    also, I own two fuego's, one is my "ride" the other is a "donnor" I am currently doing up my "ride" and would like to hear of any small mods that you guys can think of... pics appreciated...


    so far I have done this...

    I have drilled out the fog lights from the bumper
    added driving lights
    alloy rims
    window tint
    small sound system (nothing too flash)
    painted the bumpers and the strip of black underneath the car to match the rest
    pod air filter
    new steering wheel

    I have done the timing belt in it also...

    are there any other things I should check/add? (I don't have alot of money left )

    anthing you guys think that will improve the asthetics or overall power/efficiency of the car on the cheap would be appreciated...

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    Welcome to Aussiefrogs Millerman.
    The short answer is that there are plently of posts in this forum on the Fuego and if you have the time, trawl through them and sift out what you are interested in. You'll find that there are some Froggers very much into Fuegos and could tell you anything you ever need to know.

    Here are a few links to other sites that feature some Fuegos although some 'enhancements' are extreme;


    There are plenty more of course but this should get you started.

    If you can, make your way to Brisbane for the Bastile Day Grand Display on July 11th. You should see a few Fuegos there and possibly pick up a few ideas.


    PS. BTW the picture on the Maxpower magazine cover is a fake.
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