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    Default HELP HELP Renault 2010 Koleos Dynmanique

    Hello everyone..We have a 2010 Koleos Dynamique ... Unfortunately since we owned it it..2 years.. none of the audio media system has worked.. so no music, no phone and no satnav... All Renault says install a new unit for $3000.. great if your a millionaire..


    Apparently its a MLink with TomTom sat nav.. any help would be appreciated as all we have is a blank screen atm. Can I get a second hand unit or should i be looking at something else for the problem.. Many Thanks Ray

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    Hi Raymondo
    My first suggestion is to register on the UK Renault forum(s) and see what they have done ? There are heaps more Renaults there and they have seen all the problems many times usually. If nothing then ask them. They speak English(sort of ?) They often also have ideas for suppliers who will make Renault Australia's prices look as silly as it is ! Or even a repairer !

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    Hello Raymondo, this problem seems to come up a lot with dated TomTom systems in Renault vehicles, which means that there are many postings on the subject. If you have not done so already, I suggest you Google "TomTom Carminat problems" and follow some of the threads. In the first instance you might go to a post titled "TomTom Carminat System fault" with a link to Aussiefrogs (this here eminently informative web site!) in the Renault Model specific file (Koleos) that you see at the top of this page showing 14 contributions. Could be useful. Good luck with that.

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