I went to the library yesterday and there parked out the front was a "Gordini Blue" Clio, looking great
While I was admiring it the owner came out and we had a chat. A middle aged woman who actually had two Renno's, a Koleos also. She thought the Clio was great and comfortable and good looking. Not a rev head, she thought a good car was something comfortable to get around in.

Hoping it will be better than her last car, a C4 which was good and comfortable until it had problems etc etc and the dealer was useless.


I have had little direct experience with modern Renaults but I just thought that car looked GOOD and a perfect colour for a Renault too

I have had occasion lately to ask some couriers about their Renault vans. Seems like, on a survey of only several that they were all very happy with them and had had no problems at all(particularly compared to previous Fords). So perhaps the quality is good too now and better than other French makes.