Hi all its time to have the roof lining in our 03 scenic done.
My thinking was to have the job done and still be able to use the car so in the back yard I have the hi spec two sunroof model can anyone tell if the lining from that car will fit our non sunroof joby. After removing the lining I found a lot of extra metalwork that supports the sunroofs. see picks
The sunroof cut outs in the lining aren't a problem as that is an easy fix. its the extra hardware and the extra space it takes up any help would be greatly appreciatedscenic saggy roof transplant-20160913_160345.jpgscenic saggy roof transplant-20160913_160357.jpgscenic saggy roof transplant-20160913_160428.jpgscenic saggy roof transplant-20160913_160341.jpgscenic saggy roof transplant-20160913_160431.jpgscenic saggy roof transplant-20160913_160423.jpgscenic saggy roof transplant-20160913_160331.jpg