'92 405 Mi16 Air Distribution
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    '92 405 Mi16 Air Distribution

    Hi there Frogs!

    Selecting the correct distribution for the cabin air in our Mi16 seems to be a lottery. It is particularly difficult to find the windscreen demisting position - we usually end up just turning on the A/C and selecting the face level vents, and this will be enough to clear the screen (eventually).

    I had the glovebox out a few months ago to replace the heater core and while I was in the dash, I checked the heater control levers and linkages. They all seemed complete and intact, and were not fouling on anything. They moved when the distribution knob was turned and I could hear the flaps inside moving. Despite all this, the air distribution is still hopeless!


    Does anybody know if it is possible to fix this, or is it just a case of "they all do that"? We have an Australian spec '92 Mi16 with the climate control A/C.

    I have had a couple of replies from the Peugeot mailing list that suggest that maybe the air control is set to "recirculate" rather than "fresh", but this isn't the case. The air distribution doesn't work for either fresh or recirculated air. This control seems to work, as I can hear the flap inside clunking when the lever is operated.

    I have had another thought - when we first bought the car, using the fan on high speed would blow black gunk everywhere. The foam rubber insulation inside the fan blower housing had rotted and detached itself. The fan impeller was shredding it and throwing the debris out through the vents. I removed the motor to clean this out, and when I had the heater core out, I felt up as far into the ducting as I could with fingers and bits of wire for any lodged foam, but found nothing. Is it possible that there is some foam stuck up there blocking things? Would it be possible to clean this our without major disassembly?

    Thanks and regards,
    John Wiltshire

    BTW - heater core removal - the Haynes manual says that the entire dash needs to come out to achieve this. I did it by just removing the glove box - you need to drill the rivets out and exercise a little patience. E-mail me if anyone would like more detail although apparently this will only work for RHD models).

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    i had an 89 model Mi16 which did the same thing but i found that after the desired temp was reached in the cab the air flow went where ever you have the selector set at.i always found this as very strange and had taken the car back to the dealers many times to try and work out why the car was doing this and nothing was ever worked out other than the car had a mind of it's own lol. but as i said it did seem to have the air flowing in the right direction once the temp had reached the desired climate control setting
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