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    Hot 505 V6

    Does anyone know if the 3 litre 605 V6 (not 406), can bolt straight into a 505 in place of the 2.85 litre V6 ? I assume that because it is just a 3 litre version of the even fire 2.85 litre, that the bell housing bolt pattern and engine mount attachments would be the same.

    If so, wouldn't a modified 605 24V engine be awesome? Just a thought.


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    I belive that the 605/Cit XM motor is a comlete redesign ie 60 degrees , not 90, which is bad luck.
    Has anyone actually looked at the crank on the so-called even fire 2.8.? Some where I read that in fact the offset crankpin motor was only ever in the Renault GTA v6 turbo thing in 2.4L form and that what they did with the 2.8 was to put an offset weight on one of the camshafts a la sigma etc. The only one I have ever looked at ($3000) certainly had nicer FI and there was a mysterious lump on the front of the timing cover half way down on the RH bank . It was an import motor ex a volvo. They liked my V6 504. ......Jon Hardy
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    The PRV motor was not replaced until the 406 (60 degree crank etc), so the 605 motor was still the original 90 degree engine. The even fire PRV motor was produced from 1986 through to 1997. I have a Volvo engine of the type you mentioned ready to fit to my 505 rally car. I have been told that the camshaft balance weight was not fitted to Volvo engines although the my engine has got the bump in the timing case. I guess I should take a look!

    Regards, Graham Wallis

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