205 gearbox problems - any one able to help
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    205 gearbox problems - any one able to help



    I was wondering if anyone could help, I have a problem with my gearbox. When ever the engine is cold it is almost impossible to move from first to second gear, but once the engine is warm the problem goes away.

    But once the engine is warm moving down from 5th to 4th grinds really badly.

    I have been to a mechanic and he can't find the problem.

    Any help would br great.

    Cheers Dan.

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    I don't think I'm going to tell you what you're really wanting to hear, but to me this shouts "synchros." Which is a gearbox out kinda job.
    Before we start reaching for the o/d of sleeping pills and other forms of permanent sedation, could I suggest firstly to check the clutch adjustment and secondly do an oil change of the gear oil. On occasions in the past these things have been known to cure these types of problems but I feel inevitably, the box will be coming out & the synchros replaced, but as I always say; try the cheap option first

    Alan S
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    Using pure Mobil 1 often does wonders for the synchro in the gearboxes of 203's and 5-speed 505s. I wouldn't recommend it in the 504 BA7 4 speed howver, as it would probably leak out through the gearshift linkages very quickly, because it is so thin (5 grade).

    Mobil 1 might be benificial for your 205 gearbox. If you don't want to use such thin oil, you can try mixing it with some thicker mineral oil. This is what I'm using at the moment, but it doesn't seem to work as well as the pure Mobil 1.

    I'm not sure what grade of oil is recommended for the 205, but for 505s the recommended oil is 10 grade, so 5 grade isn't too thin for it. If much thicker oil is recommended for the 205 (over 30 grade) like alot of other gearboxes use, I'd be very careful about using such a thin oil as Mobil 1, because it may be inappropriate.

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    Hi Danjham,

    Ok, my 205 sometimes suffers the same symptoms until warm, or used to much moreso than it does now. The knuckles and joints on the small gear selector shafts on the back of the box near the firewall can sometimes wear out, creating a less than smooth action. Mine was an absolute b@$t@rd to get into 2nd from first, replaced one selector shaft (prolly didnt have to) and got two new bushes for the other joint, and viola, it still feels a little stiff at first, but is 100% better than it was prior.

    You may want to check these anyway as they will certainly affect the change if not adjusted correctly or worn. I think I paid $25 for the new shaft and $2 each for Fuego bushes for the other shaft.

    Start these and see how you go, take you two minutes to see if they are stuffed or not.


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    I agree to change the oil first and also have a look at what comes out with the oil. Syncro filings in oil??

    I actually just did the oil in my 93 GTi and it stiffened up the shift from 1 to 2. Depends on oil type also. Mobil make a specific gear oil in their synthetic M1 range. It's pretty expensive though
    Once it's warm its good though.


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