Rear Suspension on 306
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    Rear Suspension on 306

    Hi All,


    I have a friend who has a 306 with 195/50 15" tyres (so I guess relatively low profile).

    When loaded with rear passengers, the rear bumper hits the road whenever you turn a sharp corner (there are no rear mud guards - so it isnt the mudguards hitting the ground).

    The mechanic (a Pug dealer) claims it's her low profile tyres that is causing the wheel rims to scrape the ground - an obvious lie because there is no damage to the rear wheels (otherwise it betrays his own lack of knowledge)

    Is this a common problem among 306s and what could be the problem?

    And on another note, why is dealer servicing so bad?
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    are you sure that it's the bumper hitting the road, is it damaged?
    another likely area it could be is the tyres rubbing on the arch/guards when there's bodyroll.
    check the tyres for signs of rubbing and also the gaurds.
    it's common for lowered pug to rub at the rear, although your's into lowered with the passengers it has the same effect.

    i cant complain about the service from my dealer.

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