2.3 litre 205 GTi !!!
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    2.3 litre 205 GTi !!!

    Hi All,

    I was browsing through a UK Pug site, and saw this litte gem. A 2.3 litre 205 Gti with 201 bhp and 230 nm of torque !!


    When asked about a top speed, he suggested 230klmh comes up pretty quick, but has never wound the thing out fully to find out.

    To have a squiz, go to :


    Go to cars, pictures, 205's and about half way down is a title 2.3 litre 205.


    Can anyone tell me how to get 2.3 litres?

    Stroked perhaps?

    What a weapon


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    use one 405 diesel block and crank, bore out to fit high performance opel (I dont know which model) pistons, bolt on one MI16 head with heavily modified cams add a set of very trick extractors and some 45DCOE side draft webers, LSD and GTI 6 box along with a ceramic paddle clutch!!

    Hey presto PONNIES .........

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    Hi Chipper

    I know....this thread is ancient.

    Just wanted to let you know that the 2,3 litre 205 is mine

    I was running a 306 XSI 8V head and stock injection.....2 litre block with 86 mm bore and a 98 mm stroke crankshaft (custom made in Englang actually)

    Now it has been converted to 16V and a set of throttlebodies should bring it close to 280 BHP.....time will tell

    Cheers Carsten

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