cabin noise in 306
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    cabin noise in 306

    I have serious noise problems in my '96 306 XSi cabin. The hatch is rattling and so are the doors, and there is alot of creaking coming from the interior plastic. Anyone know of similar problems and/or ways of combating the noise, apart from turning the stereo up? This is having serious effects on my driving pleasure.


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    richo I know where you're coming from!

    I had a similar problem with my 205GTI which seemed to get particularly worse on hot days (after car has been closed up a while).
    I did some research on what could be used to minimise, but from memory - it required a bit of time & work.
    One thing you could check ~ I've been told that a lot of the noise can be generated from wiring harnesses not being secured properly.

    It surprises me that a 96 model is still a sufferer of this annoying problem
    My GTI was a 90 model & I assumed it was a bad example, although the 405's at that time did look a little nasty interior wise.
    The pug I have now, 93 405 STI is rock solid - one thing I made sure of before purchase. It appears to be a well built car thus far.
    With the introduction of Japanese competition in France at about the same time, I figured all models from 93 on would see improvement in that area.

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    Well I own a 1995 306 Xt and I have had not one problem with the interior? I have heard however that some peugeots don't have very good build quality which could be the reason for some not having it and some that do.
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    Thanks guys. My dad also has a '95 XT which has done more than twice the kms I have done without one rattle. Even his 1979 504 is quieter! I have looked into a little more and it seems the rear doors may not aligned correctly. When I push on the rear doors from the outside there is alot of movement and the noise sounds familiar. The hatch is definitely loose. Hopefully I will have some joy this week. I will let you know how I get on.


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    My parents own a 99' 306 XT which i must say has been a very good car.
    As i didn't go for the option of a pass. airbag and the box there insted does sometimes rattle although as it is the ladies car it doesn't bother me to much.

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