Question about the 405
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    Question about the 405

    I'm considering buying a 405 SRI but have heard that this model prior to 1993 had problems with engine leaks amongst other things. Does anyone know exactly when the improved version came onto the market? Also, can anyone give me some advice as to what to look for when checking out the 405?
    with thanks


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    Hi Headspin,
    I own a 405 STI '93 model & to date haven't had too much trouble with. Now has 141,000k's.
    Under warranty we had a front shocky changed & recyc/ outside air conditioner motorised flap replaced.
    Have heard of problems with automatic transmission in older models where 3rd to 4th is very jerky - especially at low speeds, eg 60k's to 70k's.
    Otherwise has been trouble free motoring


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    There was a recall on 90 or 91 405s on the French domestic market. Here in New Zealand cars were called back to the local importers for compression testing.

    Peugeot France sent notice to investigate the oil rings, and also for expansion (or bellowing) of the cylinder sleeve.
    I own a 93 405 approaching 150,000 ive recently rebuilt the engine. Found no evidence of ring damage or sleeve bellowing.

    I would buy the facelift version, 93 on with the "smoothed" dash board. Stay away from the carb version. Suffered bore wash in some cars. The down draft solex with auto choke is a pain in the ass and at the best of times runs rich, hence the bore wash. Also try and find a five speed the BE3 found in later 405s (reverse right and down)this box is much stronger.

    Have the heater system pressure checked, because as I found recently Peugeot in their wisdom appeared to build the 405 around the heater. After losing the contents of the radiator and nearly cooking the engine we decided to block the heater off. Fortunately it looks like its just the O rings going into the heater core so wont be to much.

    Have the torque tube bearings checked for play also look for any sign of leaking from the shocks, these are not cheap to replace.

    Apart from these niggly little problems the 405 is a wonderfull car, European car of the year 89 and 90, will out handle anything on windy roads, heaps of room and no shortage of style.

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