Boys weekend for me at The Bend 16-17 Nov 2019. This time went with son and grandson, we all had a good time.
Son was impressed that we could walk freely behind the pits, some of the pit crews came out and chatted, great to see that freedom again, it is missing from the big events where everywhere is "no access".

Once again, I congratulate CAMS and sponsor Shannons on creating a series for the second/third tier of competition in this country, at relatively low cost.
There was not a great crowd, it seemed to be mainly competitors and their families, friends and sponsors.
Caught up with AF member Speaksgeek running his Peugeot 206 in Production category, had oil cooler problems but glad to see he got back into the last race.

The Renault Megane TCR cars went well at The Bend, both ended up towards front of grid in final race, but Moffat's car had a mechanical DNF while Pither came second. 21 TCR cars entered.
The new Peugeot TCR didn't appear on Saturday due to an unfixable electrical problem from practice, but apparently a complete harness was flown in and it was on the grid on Sunday, although it did not stand out, not surprising for a last minute new car - looked good though!

In the attached album, note that photos taken on the starting grid are either TCR or S5000, as these grid walks were part of our VIP tickets (which we decided would be good value for our first visit to The Bend). And only a few photos from other categories.

Quite a few short videos in there, not good quality I'm afraid, but good for the noise anyway.

And that is one great motor sport facility, with much development potential remaining.

Just announced at the meeting, was an Asian Le Mans 4hr sports car race coming up in January 2020 if anyone is interested.


Chris M.