Renaults performing well at Monza for tonight's race, qualified 5th & 6th behind the Ferraris and Mercedes.

Final qualifying was a ridiculous non-event, when all the drivers were waiting for someone else to go first so they could take advantage of a tow (slipstream). They all then started out together with about 2 minutes to go, then played ducks and drakes around the track at slow speed, only 2 drivers reaching the start line in time to run a timed lap before the session ended. In the words of the media, it was bizarre, and it was. Times were taken from the first 6 minutes of Q3 before a brief red flag period due to a car breakdown. After the session restarted, no-one came out until it was too late - crazy, and latest news is 3 drivers were "spoken to" but no penalties incurred.

Just reviewed it in the above clip, its actually quite funny!


While watching the above Youtube, this came up, its quite hilarious - the "Top 10 Funniest F1 Interviews".

Ha Ha Ha!