Are fun!

I had a slow day in the office so I managed to head out on the North circuit (Druitt) at Sydney Motorsport Park. There is a supersprint on the weekend and this was an extra practice more or less.

The R12 really hadn't prepared me for the performance of the 220,000km S40 Volvo T4 I punted out in.

As it turns out one of the instructors on the day used to race the S40 and 850 with Jim Richards back in the late 90's. He fondly remembers the S40 he drove, confessed it was anything but a passenger car. Driver seat right back behind the B pillar, engine shoved as low as possible and as far back as possible, proper works touring car at the time when Volvo were into competition.

Anyway he jumped in at the end and showed me all the cocks up I was doing;


-Jumping of the brakes hard and causing the thing to under-steer when trying to turn in. I could not believe the difference releasing those things as gently as possible did.
-Still braking early / and not nearly hard enough (I blame the reno for that)
-Fixed a bunch of lines through corners (generally just not being patient and turning in way to early.

Holy heck it was fun!

Here is a GPS lap and video before instruction!

I got to about 170 before I grew scared and broke for turn 1, carrying about 150 over it, then nearly 100 through the chicane that makes the North circuit fun. Its a downhill into a sharpening left hander that opens to an off camber right on exit. You can be pretty brave here and the Volvo was drifting a couple of times through the whole section which meant I was pushing waaaay to hard, but heck it was fun

There is enough stick in the ol' girl when you flatten it for it to pull you to the left or release gently and you can straighten up and head back on the line.

Get yourself to a track day! (if you don't already)