2017 Australian Motorkhana Nationals :-(
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    Default 2017 Australian Motorkhana Nationals :-(

    Just back from the 2017 AMC. :-(

    Yes you guessed it, another wrong direction!!! Grrrrr.

    Car went like a blur in the motorkhana and during the 2250 odd Km drive down and back, pity about the driver.

    Just before lunch break there was 5 class "C" cars with about a second between them and at the end of the day class "C" was won by about a flag. I could have been in this!

    The weather was close to tornado like at times however the ground (for me) had tons of grip and was wet all of the time.

    A new bod from Tassie cleaned us (Class "C") all up! Drove a rally prepared FWD Mirage hatch. (He had not even seen 5 or 6 of the tests before the day).

    Provisional results and lots of pics on Facebook site "2017 Australian motorkhana Championship".

    Only one other Pug entered, a 405.

    I still had a great time and it was a really well run AMC.

    A BIG SPECIAL THANKS to all those poor bloody officials that stood out in the rain for 2 (Days)!

    I hear next year's AMC will be in Brisbane. (Maybe I will try my new tyres on the back )



    a) The 205 returned 40 MPG over 2250km including the motorkhana.

    b) All but ran out of fuel 15km out of Gundagai, the low fuel light had been on for ages (100+Km), started missing with no power. I headed off the road and put the left hand wheels up on a steep bank jumped out and shook hell out of the car for a few minutes. This allowed fuel to splash over to the pump side of the tank, just enough to restart and limp into South Gundagai. The car took 46L to fill (plenty left). This is not the first time I have had to do this and last time it took 46L to fill too!
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