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Good grief, people still using facebook...? I looked at using it briefly back in 2007 or when ever it came out and quickly hit delete on the whole thing...
Yes I agree there was not much about the Muster on AF, probably due to Facebook being used for everything these days. However if you have a look on FB you will find a heap of photos and some videos of the weekend. Does Not help now it's over.

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I am not on FB, I check AF and expect my membership of the RCCA to provide updated info on events where I can have a run in the Alconi, R8G or Floride. Based on info here on AF I have entered various cars at Eastern Creek and the Silverwater French car day. Given some info and reasonable notice I would probably attend more events including the Yass Muster.


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Hi Chris,

As said, it wasn’t an RCCA event but having said that, many members (including myself) are members of both organisations and I thought it had been on the RCCA calendar in the magazine. The 4cv register welcomes all rear engined Renault so you’d fit in well. It costs like $25/yr to join and they send a newsletter/magazine out routinely. As far as I know you need to be a member to attend the musters if you want to join in on the dinners and activities.

I can give you two years notice that the next one will be in Echuca VIC at Easter 2023. They are also talking about running a mini muster in the Barossa Valley next year. I would assume that would be at Easter as well.


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Thanks Kev, seems the only way for me to get any info and details in advance is to join the 4CV register, provided I don't have to join Facebook. I have put a few parts up for sale to pay for the registration fee.