Xantia mystery hydraulic leak - steering? Petrol leak - rail?

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Small puddle of hydraulic fluid, seemingly at rear of engine block half way across car. Done it twice that I know of, now have the front up on ramps and can’t see any leak or puddle (internal brake valve leak recently fixed on this car). What are the symptoms of leaks in the steering system?

When I lifted the bonnet to check what the leak was after having driven about 100 metres this morning the rh end of the fuel rail looked damp. Have started the car twice since then and currently looks dry. Is there something on this end of the rail that is specifically cold start that could be leaking?

I’d just got the first of 5 rego bills due in the next month, and was thinking I’d retire that Xantia and use this one as my daily, and now it starts leaking :(


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Hydraulics: quite possibly the return line junction - in the centre of the car, just aft of the engine block. It's a three- or four-way plastic junction at the end of a return line that heads back up to the reservoir, and have a habit of failing.

New parts are still available, and some folk have redesigned too (I've searched here, but can't find that redesign post...)
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