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WTD: 306 GTi6 window switch


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I am after a driver's side window/mirror switch for my GTi6. Peugeot manufacturer part number is 6552.WN. There is a green number on the rear 11529. Photos of my broken one attached. Thanks


  • GTi6 window switch back.jpeg
    GTi6 window switch back.jpeg
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  • GTi6 window switch.jpeg
    GTi6 window switch.jpeg
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The importance to these is how many pins are on the plug with less wires. (The plug you haven't pictured) there's usually 4, 6 or 7 pins. Then whether or not is auto drivers window. It extremely random in 306's. Any late 306 might have the right one for you and some 206s. If both these suit it'll work.