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Where can I get a keyfob for C4 2006 in Melbourne?


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I have a Citroen C4 HDi1.6 2006 and need a new keyfob. It has stopped un/locking the vehicle and today has stopped starting it too. I was quoted $250 by the local dealer who said it would be 2-3 months to get it from France. Is there somewhere in Melbourne that I can get one and have it programmed appropriately?

Thanks in advance
I found this guy honest and effective altho will cost more than $250 I think. check his website or reviews
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Hi, I have the same problem - the key fob has stopped opening the door and the rubber has perished. Is it possible to get a second hand one and get it re-programmed? (C4 Picasso 2008, Hdi 1.8 Auto, VF7UARHRJ45312063). Although I am in Qld, so not able to take it to this guy in Melbourne, does anyone know of an auto locksmith in the Bundaberg area ? /
And or if I replace the key, and the ignition barrel can these be second hand parts?
Any helpful advice most welcome?


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The key not only has a battery inside, but also a chip for the immobiliser. Don't lose it when changing the battery. See the car handbook,or onlkine how-tos

The car has a 4 digit security code. You may have got it from the dealer when new, otherwise you will need to prove you are the owner to a dealer and get the code from PSA through him.. It is needed to enable the car computer to accept a new key chip. That configuration is done via the OBD2 plug with Diagbox, etc.

New cases can be bought cheaply from eBay, etc for $10-$12 and the internals swapped. Complete new keys are dearer. In either case you can swap the blade. Cases come in 2 button and 3 button versions.

(PS: RHR in the VIN is a 2.0 L diesel)
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I eneded up finding a car locksmith in my area that could do them for about $200. He provided a new key and fob as well as programmed them to the ECU as the old key no longer started the car by the time he came. Be sure to call around as some charge the earth for it.

As for the 4 digit code, as long as I provided proof of ownership the local dealer provided the code at no cost.

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Well done. It helps to live in a capital city and not be under a lockdown.

Cheers, Ken