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Thread "Transporting a DS" ...on..and...off


Thank God for my Hydroen
Not sure if I'm the only one, but I 've noticed the thread "Transporting a D Series Citroen" appears to be there some of the times and not others!!!
Is it me , my machine or a case of censorship , or maybe some technical issues?


Thank God for my Hydroen
Chris, some further explanation regarding the above.

On the website, the thread is there: (pic161923)
On the phone, it cuts off just before that thread (today), but if you go to the next page, that thread is not there either.(pic9047)


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Hi Phillipe,
No problem on the PC, and no problem on my phone - on both it's the last thread on page one (as we speak). . .
I do notice however that the PC shows 595 pages and the phone 580 so something doesn't add up?