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Real cars have hydraulics
Citroen repair manual and parts book pdf index (external site):

The Special Tool Thread:

The Car Manual Thread:

The List of Citroen Parts and Services:

Rogers rebuilding a DS19 engine thread:

GibGibs 2cv restoration:

Gerrys CX restoration:

La Parisians DS21 BVH :

mberrys 1968 DS21 :

Greenbloods DS restoration:

DoubleChevron's '63 ID19 Rebuild

Greenbloods Dashboard rejuvenation:

Was after some info on seals etc. recently and tracked these three down: (Pottsy's home 7-piston seal kit) (... and when not to) (Useful info for LHS>LHM etc.)

Citroen C5 stuck in park:

Short thread on Eolys for C5:


Real cars have hydraulics
If anyone knows of a good thread we should include here .... and can actually find it :clown: Just add a message here, and I'll add it to the list

Shane L.
Useful Traction threads:
Slough Traction interior lamps PLUS Slough tail light lens vs L741 often used (2017):
Late english / slough traction interior light lenses?
11BL Gearbox overhaul (Shane 2016>): Finally repairing a Traction gearbox
4-speed TA gearbox: TA 4 speed
1954 11BL gearbox renovation (Citroenenthusiast USA 2020): 11BL Transmission Overhaul
Some pictures and discussion about rims (2020): 165x400 11bl rims
Some pointers on 11 / Lt15 driveshafts / hub removal (2020): TA driveshaft

Citroen Fluids:
Canola Oil ... (... and when not to)
Relacement seals and engine on old ID (Useful info for LHS>LHM etc.)
LHM: LHM .... compatible fluid ?
DS21/23 5 speed oil: Gearbox oil recommendations Please- DS23 5 speed
CX C-matic oil etc. (2018): c-matic maintenance... Alternatives to Total Fluid-T, which is NLA.
Particle filter / FAP Eolys - see Lexia and EOLYS? and Correct EOLYS for my C5?

Tyre threads ...
DS5 (2021) here.

Special tools
2cv Tools website lists many 2cv, GS, CX, DS, BX special tools (external website link):

Older French electrical parts: Good website for electrical parts (gives link to external French site: Elec Ancetres

Wiper blades for later models. Not an endorsement, but has become a VIP forum sponsor June 2020 but consider:
Peugeot Citroen Renault Wiper Blades - Silara

DS, CX and maybe BX stickers and placards: LHM & Air Filter Stickers

CX (external link): Start depli CX

Youtube channels:
Servicing the Goddess UK 2019:
Coldwar Motors Canada SM project series:

Fiamm horns for DS and CX: WTB Fiamm air horns and Fitting air horns to D Special
3D Printing of parts incl D bracket/wire for horns ... : Dee plastic bits
C5 battery connected backwards / reverse polarity and BSI/ECU damage ... Incorrectly connected battery - Now no crank, no start - 2007 407 2L HDI

Early C5 cabin fan + wiring diagrams (2015): C5 blower fan

C4/C5/C5/C6 et al. AM6 oil change info:
Useful links inside this thread: 407 SVHDI TT 2.7 Trany Fluid Change on Aisin Warner AWTF-80SC (06+ Aero Automatic)

Buying C5 / VIN code / engine / trans version topics:
Read through some earlier threads starting here: C5 info wanted
Looking at the engine code in the VIN is the best way to know what you are dealing with when it comes to the confusing C5 range.

C5X7, C6 and some Pug V6 HDi etc DT17 DT20 cooling system: Plastic thermostat housing coolant outlet cracks V6 HDis

Power tuning C5 C6 Pugs 2.7HDi 3.0Hdi etc. (2021) Performance chips for 2.7Hdi

C5 HDi 2.0 (01-05) electric fuel pump engine fuse box repair in this thread: HDI C5 wont start
C5 HDi 2.0 (01-05) power loss. Tank pump and vacuum test info from factory manual at post 25. C5 power issue yet again or still

C5/C4/C4 Picasso 2.0HDi DW10B RHR in VIN loss of power - turbo vacuum pipe Y-piece: C5 power down
Applies to all C5 facelift and early X7, C4 and Picasso with 2.0HDi RHR / DW10B engine and AM6 auto.
Also applies to 307, 407 with 2.0HDi RHR / DW10B engine auto or manual.

C5 2.2HDi Twin Turbo (06-08) 6 speed (AM6) 4HS in VIN random limp/stalling >> Mixer/doser unit: C5 depollution warning light

C5 2.2HDi Single Turbo (04-06) 4 speed (4HP20) 4HX in VIN: No start / limp / Xmas tree dash: C5 2.2 Hdi error codes and loss of power
Swirl vane actuator issues where car drives OK but faults randomly at higher speeds: Citroen C5 Swirl Valve Actuator Replacement
Plus: C5 Limp home... and C5 HDi mystery lever... and bent DW12 4HX conrod: 2005 C5 2.2HDi Time to go?

C5 BHI suspension pump: Where can I get a suspension pump for 2005 C5 V6 and (external site): C5 suspension pump reconditioning

C2/C3/Pluriel Sensodrive threads Any sensodrive experts? Mechanic recommendations??
See links in this thread re Sensodrive and some other Pluriel topics: Citroen pluriel gearbox

C5 (01-08) hatch/boot doesn't open or opens by itself (=bad switch pad): Boot keeps opening on C5
(Not to be confused with the C5 wagon (01-05, maybe to 08) tailgate glass that doesn't open because the printed circuit in the glass has gone bad. There may be a thread on that, but the fix is a bypass wire tapes to the glass. There was a Citroen kit.)

C5 (01-08) Front window reg: Power window failure
C5 (01-08) broken door handles Door Handles Broken inside and out
C5 sticky dash coating: C5 V6 2001. Sticky, sticky dash plastic
C5 (01-08) Wagon/Estate tailgate strut repair (2016): C5 tailgate strut recondition

C5 X7 (08+) Door mirror repair: Citroen C5 X7 door wing mirror
X7 door mirrors stop operating - Fuse for electric mirrors on 2012 C5?

C5 X7 Replace central display / multi-function screen (2015): 2009 C5 multifunction display

C6 AMVAR suspension valve dismantled (Youtube 2018) C6 AMVAR Valve dismantled
Dealing with an insurer. Relates to hail damage Sydney Feb 2017. Hail damaged C5 potential write off

XM/605 V6 (PRV / ES9) oil choices, capacities and PRV V6 dipstick measurements: PRV Bearings - Durability

Thread (with linked threads) regarding the brake valve in Xantia, XM, most BX and CX post-82: Citroen Xantia Brake Control Valve Leak

BX/Xantia/XM pinion service (2018 - tool kit diagram on page 2): Series 1 Xantia Power Steering very heavy and blowing rubber pipes.

Xantia/XM strut top topics:
Another XM Top Suspension Mount Bites the Dust
Removing Xantia strut tops
Some pictures of Xantia strut tops here: My XM has landed

XM PRV V6 head gasket replacement on 1994 model: XM - head gasket job
PRV head bolt torque: PRV head bolt torque

XM / 605 PRV Water Pump (addo 2014): Water Pump Rebuilding
XM coolant reservoir: XM coolant reservoir
XM PRV V6 radiator hoses ...
Top - ado's fix (2014):
605 / XM PRV Top Hose
Bottom (2017): XM V6 Bottom radiator hose needed

XM PRV V6 4HP18 governor seals. In situ repair. May also apply to Peugeot 605 V6. XM V6 4HP18 Governor seals
Xantia/XM/C5 ZF 4HP20 pictorial dismantle/assemble (external link): Eastment Xantia 4HP20

XM window regulator Bitron one-touch controller (2018) XM (Series 1?) Window Down

XM, 406 and others A/C flap motor (External website) Bronze cog and Fixing the dreaded dash click (Pug)

Useful C4 threads, some applying to others:
C4 1.6 HDi - considering purchasing - advice on engine & vehicle in general.
Bungling Amateurs, C4 HDI injector, please help
Dealing with a failed DV6 turbo - links to other threads in included in this one: Getting to know my new 07 C4 HDi - with your help please
DV6 1.6HDi lube/care: 1.6 HDI Oil Lubrication and Maintenance. Avoiding Problems.
Buying a C4 VTS with links to a couple of other useful threads: Purchasing C4 VTS

Cleaning sticky soft-feel coated plastics in C5 (ad others), such as underdash etc.. C5 sticky plastic dashboard?
Click through to the linked thread with additional information. Can apply to any make or model with 'soft-feel' interior coatings.

A long thread that may assist with the AL4, or maybe just provide a lot of reading around the topic ...

03 Citroen C5 2.0 HDI auto HELP
That thread relates to an early C5 HDi, but there the material applies to others. Another early C5 HDi long thread that ended in a partial rebuild using parts from another AL4 gearbox: Update on C5 non starter
followed by ... AL4 converter query
and the follow on thread re the AL4 C&P. Link to useful manuals in post#12 if not already found elsewhere:
URGENT: Final drive needed 25x68 from 2L HDI AL4

C4/C5/C6 Eolys variations and refilling: Lexia and EOLYS? and Correct EOLYS for my C5?

Changing the Al4 fluid. Original pictures were lost. There may be a better guide now: Please re-post C5 AL4 transmission refilling guide

Al4 in C5 no reverse (very short thread): citroen C5 with AL4 no reverse

Changing C5 dash cluster 2001-04. Same technique, different cluster 2005-08 (pre-X7) How to replace a C5 speedo and rev counter?

Front seat heater in C5(X7) 08+ / GC4Pic(B78) 13+ / 508 / DS5? - here.
DS general discussions ...
Thoughts on buying DS23 Auto incl. discuss BW35, model history (2017): Potential purchase of a DS 23 1974 Pallas Auto...would appreciate some info.
Options for a rusted 23 auto: Wanted DS23 bare chassis
Mostly about "Is a D Special a DS?" (2014): DS23ie transmission cooler hose

Longstroke (3-bearing) DS/ID topics:
The Longstroke DS/ID census thread restarted 2013: Longstroke ds/id census

Longstroke DS/ID renovations: (Also search Restoration sub-forum HERE)
Shane's 1963 Heidelberg ID19 Berline from post#1 above (2011+): Is this the best project car you have ever seen?
Bluedanubes ID19F Safari resto (2018+): My new challenge 1964 ID19F Safari
Budge's DS21BVH blog (external link):

5-bearing DS renovations: (Also search Restoration sub-forum HERE)
Faulksy's DS21 EFI BVH post-fire rebuild: Resurrecting a Goddess .... twice
Lamoor's 1967 DS21 BVH carby single headlight: here.
KAndy's 1974 DS23 5-speed here.
Ramaling's 1973 DS23 carby 5-speed (2021) here, formerly michaelr's project (2010>) here.

DS mechanical topics ...
Changing the oil filter on a 5-bearing DS/Special engine (2021): Here.
Sodium-filled exhaust valves in late 5-bearing DS EFI heads: Here.
LHS2.1's (Roger-RIP) DS19 rebuild - engine (2014+): DS19 engine reconditioning
Early ID/DS oil pump shaft (2020): Longstroke oil pump
Shane's ID19 gearbox knock / broken crankshaft: ID19 Gearboxes
Fitting shortstroke engine to 3-bearing ID19: In this thread

D Carby inlet (2011+) D Series Fuel Inlet Fitting Fix Kit
DS/ID carby fuel tank bronze discs filter in pickup (External link): Exploded view

DS fuel injection threads:
DS21 EFI Fuel tank (carby fuel tank is very similar but lacks the fuel return) (2021): Here
Useful D-Jetronic reference (external website): D-Jetronic, K-Jetronic and ignition for classic cars
DS32 EFI (2014+): D-Jetronic Bosch
Short discussion on DS injectors and replacing hoses (2012): DS injector part numbers
DS21/23 overrun stumble (2021): 1974 DS23 Citroen help wanted.
Note: For EFI cars with the cylindrical air filter, you can use K&N filter E-2350.

Shims in DS19 BVH setup: DS19 gearbox
DS 5spd BVH conversion: DS manual gearbox bvm5

D power rack: Hoogy's DS 23 Pallas

DS suspension issues, including choppy ride, stuck up and the wire in DS hydraulic pipes:
DS Ups & Downs
2013: Stuck: front suspension stuck on high
DS lost her bounce
DS height corrector to anti roll bar connection
DS is leaning to the left

DS Spheres:
DS spheres
A thread started by Pottsy (2016) D-Special Sphere rebuild
Consider replacing DS 2-piece accumulator and service the regulator: DS/D Special - failed two piece accumulator sphere
External links: Make sphere tester from jack and Chamfer the damper hole and Budge's steel pressure reg re-seal

DS brakes:
Late DS manual handbrake (2013): DS23 handbrake stuck
Early ID19 safety brake assist device discussion - disable it: In this thread.

DS Air-conditoning:
DS A/C (2011+): DS Airconditioning
York A/C Citroen DS Better to replace with Sanden.
DS21 Air Conditioner
In relation to 23 carby autuo, now in Singapore ex-AU (2021): Air-Conditioning a D in the tropics
You need a 3-row water pump pulley for DS A/C: Where to buy a DS water pump with airconditioning
DS body and electrical topics ...

DS body info, assembly and adjustment discussions:
Citroen script on bonnet of early DS19/ID19 (2020): Citroen Script Badge ID19
DS Boot badge position: DS21 monogram placement
Door assembly, window glass: DS19 windows roll up too far and D Special door pockets
Late inside door handles (2015): DS interior door handles and (2018): Citroen DS door handles and locks all explained?
UFO's DSpecial tart up (2011): UFO DSpecial retrim and repaint

DS Roof panel ... Sealant for bonded roof
Webasto sunroof for DS (2021): here.

ID19 tool kit and wheel changing gear (2021): Tyre change tools for 1963 ID19

DS seating / interior retrim and suppliers (2017): Re-trimming a DS

DS (and GS CX etc.) wheel, hydraulic and minor parts paint info:
Paint Codes for DS Roof/Wheels
What Paint For DS Hydraulic Parts?
DS engine bay brown colour code
Early ID19 hubcaps (2020): Here

On DS headlights and late headlight glass fitting ...
DS headlight bucket colour and wheel paint (critical topics!):
AC colour code for 68 DS 21 wheels
2018: A tangent in this thread. Read from here, with more in mid-March 2018 ...My new purchase. 1974 Citroen D Special
Headlight glass rubber: Late D headlamps rubber strips (Note 5/18 you can now buy both rubber strips as repro parts)
Shows parts diagrams:
DS front guard and headlight bucket reassembly
Mentions repro headlight mounts: DSpecial headlight assembly
Headlight re-silvering - applies generally and shows a DS Biode unit: Re-chroming or re-silvering headlight reflectors
Service and refill of the headlight damper: DS headlight damper
Greenblood's front guard/headlamp area repairs (2014): D-Very-Special rejuvenation and next few pages.

DS Rear lighting:
Greenblood's DSpecial taillights (2013+): D-very-Special rejuvenation

DS Body/trim colours (External site): Le nuancier, pictures of every Citroen DS ID colours colors
... including information on Australian and Heidelberg cars direct page links:
Citroen DS in Australia and Citroën ID 19 Parisienne Australia
Discussion of Heidelberg ID19 paint colours: Question for experts - colours for ID19 Parisienne

DS Electricals
Selecting a 12V battery to suit later DS cars: Best battery for DS23ie
DS23 battery, starter solenoid and wiring (2013): starter battery solenoid on DS23IE.....Hotrodelectric, where are youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!
2017/18: DS alternator upgrade including BVH start lockout considerations in post 19: DS - New alternator with voltage regulator
These threads will help on fitting a modern regulator inside the old black case on the battery:
DS voltage regulator wiring
2011: using a modern voltage regulator in the DS
Re BVH wand start and rectifier wiring: 2011: In trouble again- DS electrics!

Longstroke ID/DS Jaeger clocks (2011-2017): Jaeger DS Clock
Early/DS19 Jaeger clock info (2015): Wtb DS 19 clock

Radios in the later DS - standard units are too deep:
Greenbloods' Retrosound unit (2013): D-very-Special rejuvenation ... and installation info (2014): D Model Radio Solution.
Shane's thread on retrofitting the CX power assisted clutch: CX Prestige hydraulic clutch

CX lower arm pre-loading

CX rack rebuild (2004) Citroen CX Steering Rack restoration.

CX Tyres: Original Michelins for an early CX

CX Body colours as part of a useful site re the CX (French) (External site link)

CX A/C: Citroen CX Air Cond Options
Step up idle (2018): CX S1 A/C and C-matic carburettor fast-idle circuit
CX C-matic oil etc. (2018): c-matic maintenance...

Some GS Threads:
Lamoor's GS Pallas resto here 2011 on.
Wheelnut's resto Gaston GS Pallas
Pottsy's GS (Giselle) gearbox renovation here and clutch retaining bolts here.
TAV transmission rebuild: Finally repairing a Traction gearbox and

Early DS water pump/low pressure pump rebuild: DS19 early water pump/hydraulic pump rebuild
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