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It's difficult, this place is only good because of the content we all submit. And without our fearless leader offering any direction to the contrary, well... best start downloading any material you worry about loosing I suppose..

FCF ( appears a solid alternative to stay connected with each other.
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Oh non!! Quel dommage!
After joining this amazing site in 2002, I have been absent in recent years due to work commitments, O/S postings etc. Nevertheless, as many members are expressing, the background knowledge & experience available on this site is second to none. Not to mention the camaraderie. I recall the original developer of this site originating from Tamworth, before moving South.

Our family of French cars has just grown by 3, so the absence of this site will be sorely missed.
Au revoir, mes amis.


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People, if you read the original post there is no data loss occurring of content. Where is this coming from? The doors would just be shut, that is all.

There will be an announcement very soon but ideas need to be run past the right people for feedback & opinions. Some of those said people don’t know anything as yet either. It takes time & we still have 4 months to sort it out.


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The site will remain static after this date and accessible, but not taking any new content. All email addresses, IPs, private messages (conversations), passwords, will be deleted. Only the main forums will be retained after the transition.

Well confused because of your quote about main forums. Which are the "main forums" that you were planning on keeping? Glad I had the wrong idea.

Regardless, glad to hear there is something else in the works. :)
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