Service box. I'm having trouble logging in to Citroen Service box.

tasie C5

Unable to log in to the Service box website. After many attempts and new passwords being sent to me from the log in site, can't get into the parts lists etc.
Has it changed recently? Anyone having similar problems?

tasie C5

It says I'm already a user and to enter my password ( my account code is OK as I've used the site before). My old password does not work.
So I go to "forgot password" and get an email with a once only code. So this is entered.
Then sometimes up comes a picture showing various images and you pick the images required. Then a question box appears saying do you wish to change password or not? No matter which one is clicked, the site goes back to invalid password etc.


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Fortunately I haven't struck that - I logged in to check and nothing had changed (this year anyway). But these days, unless you are prepared to pay (buy a subscription), there is little point in logging in anyway!