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There was a gentleman from Tassie who offered early model parts but who insisted on payment by postal note. Best avoided. But not on this forum.
Sorry should have been more specific the perfect wheels showed up bent and the blower fan showed up as a ac panel. Damn I’ve even had people whine that I threw parts out because I wouldn’t hold them for months. Aussie frogs should be left for its remaining months for dealer complaints and asking for diagnosis that then gets argued with. But there’s always a spot for you over at

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I introduced a Qld buyer to a local seller who had kissed the blarney stone once too often and the resulting deal was not satisfactory and one I wished I had never anything to do with. I had bought a horse from the same seller and it had trouble with a jamming throttle and unpredictable brakes.
The greatest mistake is to help a needy friend buy a car because all faults however small will be relayed to you. Every garage has those customers.
More satisfactory to buy new now wherever possible from a quality supplier. Now I just expect things to be fixed under warranty and don't mind paying for proper service. People who complain about car servicing costs should pay for a major tractor service.
There is a doubtful air over Gumtree and ebay. Old fashioned commerce between people who trust each other is nicer. Some people will still send you a 30k machine and the invoice next month. Cars, parts and fuel often bring out the worst in people.
Another aussie frogs site? I've probably said all I have to say and annoyed enough people on this one.


Real cars have hydraulics
Congrats to your wife! It can be a long process. Was 2 years almost to get my green card and 5 years for my wife to get here Aussie passport.
Yep. Live in upstate NY. I was quite opposite, couldnt wait to get to the US! My wife finally got her Aussie Passport and after years of living in Australia together we wanted to spend time with her folks so its my turn to live here. The French car thing is tough but there is lots of other stuff we dont get in OZ. I find the US much more diverse than Australia at this point in my life and have always had an itch to live here/there, the US that is!

Since living here 5 weeks we have had several neighbours come and welcome us with food, beers and house plants. Never had any of the sort back home after 35 years! Feels the same but different all together. Different stokes!

Ive got my eyes on R53 Minis, e36/46 Bmws and 90s ford LTD/Crown vics for a laugh.

If your in the USA for a small while ... bugger french cars. Find something hideous and local and have some fun. I'm thinking 60's/70's land yatches with big block v8s, no brakes and no ability to go around a corner :roflmao: .... why on earth not :D .... any sort of muscle car will sadly be silly money anywhere in the world these days. a crown vic would be good. Have you seem what they do with the ex-cop cars. Have a look at motortrend for "crown hic".


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Yea Ill be here (US) for a while. Maybe 10-30 years!
Im keen to get a land yacht of some sort and the later Crown Vics are at the top of the list.


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Attention all Aussiefroggers

Im sure most of you are aware but for those that are not please be aware there are scammers operating in the Wanted section of this forum.
Please confirm any details and dont pay anyone for products they claim to have. They dont have it even if they send you pictures of what your after.
The easiest detection is to see how long they have been a member. Usually they sign up just to tell you they have what your after.
I dont know why this forum allows people to get sign on right away without approval but it is what it is.
I was contacted by a scammer this morning after my post was up for 5 hours wanting a front spoiler grill. “I have what what your after”.

Take care out there
Some time back I was after a towbar (still am) for my 306 sedan - and yes, 2 or 3 miraculously instantaneous responses came back, miraculously having "what I was after".
It wasn't that that raised my suspicions so much as the person requiring me to email them - which is usually the disguised hook. Got lots of that with CarSales and Gumtree.
Stay safe all, and scam free.


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For instance:

Ben76 started a conversation with you: "RLH window regulator suit MY00 Pug 306 sedan"
Matthew in Missouri has a RLH window regulator suit MY00 Pug 306 sedan that he wants to part out for a cheaper price but because i'm not in the state right now, i couldn't purchase it from him maybe you should contact it and see if he still have it for sale.Here's his email