Replacing timing belt of Peugeot 406 1.8 16V


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Hi everyone,
I have a question about the initial step of replacing the timing belt of Peugeot 406 1.8 16V (XU7JP4).
How do you install the new belt on the car?
I'm not talking about belt tension, I just want to know how the belt should be seated correctly on the pulleys before tightening the tensioner bolt.

I'm asking about the initial step of just putting the new belt on the car (not what should be done after that).
According to Haynes manual, I have to start with exhaust camshaft and continue with inlet camshaft, idler pulley, crank gear, water pump and finally the dynamic tensioner. This is the sequence. Now, my question is that how do you put the belt between each pulley or sprocket?

For example, you want to feed the belt between exhaust and inlet sprockets. Do you put the belt on both sprockets freely or pull the belt a little bit to seat it straight like a line?
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I am not familiar with your engine, but generally if the belt is too slack over the cam and crank pulleys, you will not be able to get it over the tensioner.


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Thanks for your answers.
The above video is not my engine. This is my engine (if it helps you):