RENAULT1289 DONK, What am I missing? just imported a set of 1289 pistons and liners from Romania, ex Dacia.


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I did it more than a year ago, still working. I thought that Renault Australia just changed the liners to suit the capacity legislation at the time.


If anyone needs some 1251cc rings (71.9mm) let me know. Were listed as 1300cc but when fitting last night I realised they are the wrong ones!

Interestingly the top ring is 2mm rather than 1.75mm needed for the 1289cc/73mm pistons.


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Be aware that there are 2 generations of 1289cc liners, differing on the machining of the surface sitting on the bloc - the first with the common paper gaskets (3 thickness values) and the later with o-rings (like the 1397cc type 847 and the 1647cc type 843 engines)


Hi Jyl, I have sent you a couple of emails about some parts I need, however I am not getting any response. Could you please send me a pm to confirm that I have the correct email.