Renault Service Centre - Tullamarine Area??

Andrew Jardine

New member
Hello All

I am looking to get my Renault Megane RS serviced in the Tullamrane area. I wanted to know whether anyone can make a recommendation in terms of a mechanic who does good work and won't make your eyes bleed when it comes to the bill!
I know there is a dealership in Essendon but was hoping to save a few dollars by taking the Megane to a specialist mechanic who deals mainly in French cars.

Any tips / details etc would be appreciated.


I would at least get quotes from the dealer - you may be surprised. I needed a cam-belt on my Laguna II V6- and initial quotes came in around $1800 on a car that cost me $2000. I let this slide for a while and subsequently got quotes from Nissan-Renault Mt Waverley at $1400 then rang around and Brighton Renault quoted $900. After confirming they realised it was a V6 - they said yep $900. Service prices can be pretty competitive - especially when dealers are no longer exclusive Renault