Recalling Tuesday August 30th 2005 A/Frogs Parma Night at the Pamerston Hotel


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Oct 2, 2002
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Just a bit of nostalgia, cleaning out some old folders of photographs and came across the list of Froggers that attended the night, good food and good company, don't know if I could post the photos as I think the digital images might have got lost due to computer crashes. List of attendees who may or may not be still on the site:
J206GTI, rek (Peter) (306GTI) Pugjet (Reggie) Purrr-geot (original Asanka) random101, David Shearer, casnell (Chris) john875 (John) al, DejaVu, GTI180, Sergetov (Tim) Nil Time, Australdi (Dianne) nJm, Michael (Michael) Self. (Ken) silverexec (Richard) Bugsy 1701, (Brendon) vanderaj (Andrew & Margaret) Pug307 (Justin) Lucin and ash were also expected..

I remember my Parma was great and a good night was had by all.

There are also assorted photos of various runs to Reefton Spur also in 2005...and Marysville before the fire

lots of young fellows 20 to 30 and their companions, with a few old geezers like myself :D

Wonder where they are now? ( some are still posting) Hoping that you younger people are still out there enjoying yourselves like these froggers did:D